Event 360-degree photography booth

360-degree photo booths are one of the hottest entertainment and event experiences on the market right now. Widely known as a 360 photo booth, it's actually a video booth that captures 120 frames per second. The user steps on the platform and the rotating camera rotates 360 degrees to capture slow-motion video.

360 Photo Booth

360-degree photo booths are one of the hottest entertainment and event experiences on the market right now. Widely known as a 360 photo booth, it's actually a video booth that captures 120 frames per second. The user steps on the platform and the rotating camera rotates 360 degrees to capture slow-motion video.

360 Photo Booth Features

1. HD shooting equipment
2. 360 degrees without dead ends
3. Quality assurance, record good times

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360 Photo Booths Up Rise In The Entertainment Industry
360 photo booths are dominating the hospitality and entertainment spheres. Individuals, especially those in Generation Z, expect instant gratification when it comes to posting their images and videos from events to social media. Capture Your Spin photo booths allow partygoers to pose on a non-slip platform equipped with a 360 adjustable camera arm for catching all the right angles and a RGB ring light for ultimate lighting. The final product then can be shared instantly and posted to all social networks. 

Not only do 360 photo booths provide unparalleled images and videos, but they are also a source of entertainment at events for all ages.

“I purchased a 360 photo booth from Capture Your Spin about a month ago,” says event planner Lexie Barry. “I have seen a tremendous amount of inquiries from customers wanting to rent it for events—it’s definitely the new ‘it’ item of the industry.” 

You’ll have the entire party lined up to experience this exceptional tool that captures memories to last a lifetime. The fun and unique qualities of a 360 photo booth attract partygoers as soon as they step foot into the event space. 

“It’s more than just a photo booth,” says Ryan Johnson. “360 photo booths are almost like a moving timestamp of some of the best times in your life.”

Not only are individuals purchasing 360 photo booths for themselves, but they are also using them as a means to make money. These moving photo booths are renting out for about $500 an hour. Because of their entertaining and versatile nature, 360 photo booths have become a necessity for every high-profile function. 

“There are not many, if none at all, side hustles that allow you to stand still, click a button, and make hundreds of dollars an hour,” says Jordan Till. “You don’t even have to fully commit to this new venture—it’s the perfect side gig that makes you lots of money.”

From setup to dismantle, 360 photo booths are straightforward and uncomplicated. Because of their popularity, entrepreneurs are purchasing three to four photo booths and hiring individuals to operate them at events. As a result, they can commit to more parties, bring in more money and increase their clientele. 

360 photo booths have added a layer of luxury and distinction to the entertainment industry. A traditional photographer is not enough anymore when it comes to planning, hosting and attending events. People crave that extra form of entertainment and satisfaction 360 photo booths provide. It is only the beginning for these contraptions, and it is a fact that they will only continue to grow more popular as summer events kick off. 

“If you want to have a successful event, you must have a 360 photo booth,” says event planner Jamie Hughes. “People pay top dollar to rent one out for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, launch parties and much more.”
Thoughts to consider when purchasing a 360 Photo Booth
Your business plans:
What industry do you plan on entering? By narrowing down your business to a specific area of trade, entrepreneurs can make educated decisions on what specific photo booth package will benefit their business the most.   

How will you market your photo booth? 360 photo booths are all the rage, so advertising that your business is in possession of one is essential. They capture amazing content that can be shared instantly on your website and social media. Engagement on photos and videos produced from a 360 photo booth is extremely high. Established businesses have seen tremendous growth on social media just by using the high quality content they captured while using their 360 photo booth. 

360 photo booth packages:
Which model works best for your budget and mode of transportation? Every photo booth is different, so knowing the qualities and components of each package is essential. Plan out what you want to gain from your 360 photo booth and how much you plan on using it. In addition, think about how you are going to transport your photo booth to different venues. Our website provides all of the specifications (like weight and height) for every model of photo booth for sale. Read over your options and choose the best package for you and your business. 

Plans for growth:
How will you grow your business using a 360 photo booth? As your company grows with the help of your photo booth, it may be wise to look into purchasing a different model. Capture Your Spin offers a variety of packages and options that will greatly enhance your operations. We suggest having three different types of models for every event, circumstance or opportunity that may arise. 

Capture Your Spin has proven itself as a front-runner corporation in the 360 photo booth industry. Unlike competitors who outsource their raw materials from China, Capture Your Spin prides itself on only using USA made products meant to withstand hundreds of events. Looking to the future, Capture Your Spin plans to assist customers with acquiring rental leads for their 360 photo booths through a wide range of opportunities. Capture Your Spin is willing to help jumpstart  customers’ rental businesses by offering various services like lead generation, website development, content creation and much more. As a company, we are determined to help at least 500 customers make 6+ figures this year alone by renting out 360 photo booths for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, etc. According to an article by Food Truck Empire, the percentage of individuals searching for a 360 photo booth rental for exclusively corporate events has increased by 30%. All in all—it is the perfect time and opportunity to start your own 360 photo booth rental business and begin rolling in the cash. 

To find out more about the 360 photo booth rental business and its market trends, check out this article by IBISWorld.
5 Ways To Advertise/Boost Your Photo Booth Business
If you have a photo booth business or are in the party rental industry, a crucial factor as a business owner is finding ways to effectively market and advertise your photo booth services. 

As a matter of fact, a great amount of your success as a business owner will correlate directly to your marketing campaigns. 

Within this article, we will take a deep dive at the many different ways you can advertise your business’s services at little to no cost.

1 - Social Media Platforms
It’s 2022, if you don’t already have an account set up for your photo booth business on any social media platforms, go ahead and create a few today. 

Can Social Media Help Grow Your Photo Booth Rental Business?
Other than your own website (which we will touch on later in this article), the only other place/platform a potential customer is going to find you on is either social media or by word of mouth. Knowing the power that certain social media platforms hold, every photo booth business owner should at least have some sort of online presence in an effort to get their business’s name & services out there to potential customers. 

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Youtube, etc… should be utilized to the fullest when trying to land bookings for your photo booth rental services. Not only does posting frequently boost your organic reach across each platform you engage in, posting high quality variations of what you have to offer such as pictures, videos, reels, shorts, etc.. will maximize how many people will come across each of your posts. 

Remember, the more you let the world know what you have to offer, the higher the chance you will land a booking.  

2 - Flyers, Posters, & Business Cards
Once your rental business is completely set up and you have good points of contact put into place such as a good business email address & phone number, you can leverage this contact information to your advantage for free. 

Let's think logically for a second. Big businesses don't pay to have their services shown on massive billboards on busy roads & highways for no reason. Obviously, they are getting something out of it or else they would just be flushing money down the drain. 

One form of marketing that is extremely powerful, especially for local businesses is putting out as many flyers on telephone poles & posters in the ground at busy intersections as possible. 

Not only will you only be targeting people convenient to where you already live, but you’re also targeting people for free driving in their cars or either while they are crossing the street. The best part about this form of marketing is that it’s free and you can get your services shown to thousands of people on a daily basis. 

Business Cards are also a great form of getting your business’s name & services out there. While flyers & posters are a lot easier to see from a distance, business cards are very useful as well.

3 - Paid Advertising 
When it comes to photo booth advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, & Tik Tok are great channels to market your services on & get your business known. This form of marketing is probably the most effective way to market what you have to offer, however, it comes with a cost. 

All three of these platforms have excellent step-by-step guides to show you how to effectively launch marketing campaigns. Although, if your budget is flexible it’s always better to have a professional be in charge of any advertising campaigns when going to market your business. 

Paid advertising is powerful and can really jumpstart any business a lot more than you would think. It’s always recommended to first start organically without having to put money towards marketing campaigns, and if you have a tight budget allocated for your business’s expenses, that's no problem at all. Once you have gained some traction within your business and have serviced a few events, then you should definitely consider looking into paid advertising when trying to generate more leads & money.  

4 - Website For Your Photo Booth Business
In today’s day in age, you must have some sort of channel or platform where potential customers can view your services & understand your business better. A website is crucial for any business trying to make a name for itself, especially in the photo booth industry.

Not only do you want a place where you can refer people to visit & view what services you’re providing, but you also want to convey the fact that you are a legitimate business.   

As you pursue the thought of building your own website, budget is usually a big factor. Websites like Wix & Weebly offer you the opportunity to build a free website that you can fully tailor to your business & the services you are providing.

Also, before creating your website you will want to think of a catchy domain name. The reason this is important is that your domain name or the URL link will be the first thing a potential customer needs to search to find your business. We recommend you pick something that directly correlates to what services you’re providing (Ex: photo booth rental) and something unique enough that will stick. 

5 - Email & SMS Marketing 
Once you have a website set up, offering a pop-up form where you can collect an email address or phone number can help you land a substantial amount of more bookings. 

After you have collected a list of contact information such as email addresses & phone numbers of potential customers looking to rent a photo booth, you can then re-target that same list that expressed interest on your website with a discount or special offer of some sort. These types of special offers can range from a discount off of your hourly rental rate, or even a free extra hour with your photo booth rental. 

When offering potential customers a special offer or discount through an email or SMS campaign, it greatly increases the chance for them to move forward with the services you're providing. Another tip we recommend is provoking a sense of urgency in all of your email & SMS campaigns. Having a sense of urgency will make any potential customer think that what you’re offering them is a limited time offer or will not be available in the future if they don't take action then and there.

One thing you should consider talking about is the benefits of what your photo booth is going to do for them and the event it will be at. There are so many different ways you can utilize an email & SMS list to land bookings for your business and fortunately, this is just one of them. In the second series of this article, we will touch on the many other ways you can advertise your photo booth business and most importantly, ways to make more money.


Who doesn't love a fun night of swashbuckling and swords?  With a pirate party, there's lots of opportunity to have some extra creative 360 photo booth video created too.  Between the pirates, rum runners, pirate "wenches" and other fine swashbucklers it should be an awesome experience for all.


If your guests feel like kings and queens, dukes and duchesses and the famed Knights of the Round table then here's their 360 photo booth party theme. Your venue can be set up to resemble a medieval times dining hall (just maybe don't have dogs under the table eating food scraps!)  Or you may even want to see if you can rent a Medieval Times venue - that can add loads of excitement as they often will have tournaments too. Your 360 photo booth will allow them to capture the moments as they role play and drink Mead!  (Note:  Mead tastes horrible to many, so maybe have a nice non-mead selection of beverages too.)



This can be a great theme for anybody who loves to party at the beach. You can even select an era like Beach Boys (1960) or Elvis Presley (1950's/60's).  If you are going to have your guests come in costume, the swimsuits of that era are pretty ugly and could be hard to find.  But if you can provide them with well stocked costume shops then you should go for it!  Lots of laughs to be had just over the costumes themselves. (especially the men's swimming trunks - anybody seen "The Talented Mr. Ripley" on Netflix?).  Be certain to take extra precautions with your 360 photo booth as well to keep it safe from sea and sand. 


Ah yes, who doesn't love a good "hero & Villain" flick? If you choose this theme for your 360 photo booth party, it's probably a good idea to give a list of heroes and villains to choose from. This is helpful for many reasons, but one of them is ensuring that nobody impersonates a real criminal, which could be offensive to some.


    • Sherlock Holmes & James Moriarty
    • Batman & the Joker
    • Gandalf & Saruman (from Lord of the Rings)
    • Super Girl & Lex Luther
    • Professor X & Magneto
    • Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader
    • Wonder Woman & Ares, the God of War


Sexy sundresses and sandals for the ladies, and Tommy Bahama for the guys. With a blue & teal color theme, twinkle lights and seascapes, and sumptuous Caribbean cocktails complete with spiced rum and little umbrellas! 

Imagine the fun when your party guests use beach balls, inflatable cruise ships or other fun and ship themed inflatables in the 360 photo booth!  

And . . . whenever the budget permits, set that Caribbean cruise party up on a party boat!  


Now those were some seriously crazy times!  There was prohibition, gun running, and flappers marking the rise of the jazz era. 

But there was something much greater happening in Harlem, New York: The Harlem Renaissance which marked the cultural rise of poetry, literature and music in Harlem and became known as the Golden Age in African American Cultural History.

Treat your party guests to some of the most amazing times in History with this themed party!  Party goers can come as some of the famous artists of the day, such as Poet Countee Cullen, or writers Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston and Aaron Douglas. 

Perhaps they'd be more interested in portraying some of the finest musicians the world has ever known from that era, such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Bessie Smith or Billie Holiday!

And just imagine bringing this impressive era in history to the 360 photo booth where your guests can memorialize the characters they portray!


What a great concept!  Just imagine this themed 360 photo booth party! You can  focus the theme around the 16th century Italian Renaissance, where the Masquerade Balls first began as a festivity for the rich upper class.

The Masquerade Ball is quite elaborate, beautiful and rich with foods, dances, and drinks. The costumes and masks are true works of art and if you go completely traditional, the music truly was "the latest craze" during the Renaissance.

What a blast your attendees will have with their elaborate Renaissance evening being captured with 360 photo booth videos!



There's nothing like the Islands of Hawaii! The South Pacific, the golden beach sands, surfboards and waves! Grass skirts, Island drinks and pineapple, fresh flower leis, roast pig over an open fire. 
Ahh! what an amazing night of tropical food and fun!  Set up some fun hula dancing and maybe even create some fun prizes for those who win at a limbo contest!
There's lots to add to the 360 photo booth experience with a Hawaiian Luau!  And another great tip:  This party can be scaled up or down based on the budget. 


There was so much that made the West wild! You can create a party themed like a saloon from the 1800's for example. Between the cowboys slinging their pistols and the "ladies of the night" entertaining their men you'll still find the preacher and the schoolmarm all wanting to join in with the fun!
Or if you want something a bit more tame (maybe a kids Wild Wild West) you could have a barn complete with a prairie backdrop! 


Super Heroes don't just have to be for kids!  (But of course they can be!).  Whatever age group you are creating a party for a super hero party theme complete with a 360 photo booth will be a major hit!  Typically, you'll find costumes are easy to come by and food and drinks can be themed with superhero names or abilities.  Lots of creative concepts for your party.  

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